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The 15ª edition of the Nuclear MaxiMarathon will be held in Spain from Garoña NPP to Madrid, via Burgos and Segovia, to support the nuclear energy in Spain and, in particular, the continuous safe operation of Garoña NPP in contrast to what we consider a great mistake: the decision to closure Garoña NPP in 2013 taken by the Spanish Government.

This political decision has not taken into account the report issued by the Spanish Regulatory Authority (CSN), which agreed that Garoña NPP could continue operating for ten more years beyond its original 40-year lifetime until 2019, as requested by the operator, Nuclenor.

Indeed the Spanish Government is in the process of promulgating a law limiting the lifetime of the plants at a maximum of 40 years, and allowing to extend the operation for any of the remaining nuclear plants beyond their planned lifespan only in exceptional cases. Thus the decision will challenge Spain’s ability to meet its energy security needs and fulfil its CO2 reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. Spain imports 80% of its energy needs and the national CO2 emissions are already 45% above its Kyoto target (15% above 1990 levels by 2012). Moreover, the closure of Garoña NPP means that over 2000 people will lose their jobs and the technological impact in the region and in Spain will be difficult to recover. It is all more significant in the context of the current global economic crisis, which has severely hit the country, and contradicts the governmental promise to restore full employment and implement a new economic growth model.

By attending the 15th Nuclear MaxiMarathon in Spain, you will support our Spanish colleagues in their defense of Garoña NPP.

Be with us on the 25th of September 2010, in Madrid, to deliver to the Spanish Government our message in favour of the long-term operation of the Spanish nuclear stations continuing with their high safety, security and environmental standards.

Since 1996, Nuclar MaxiMarathons were run in the following countries :
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Organisers / Sponsors Marathon Futsal

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